from "Daily Reflections" by A.A. Members for A.A. Members

No Regrets

We will not regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it. ~ ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS, p. 83

Once I became sober, I began to see how wasteful my life had been and I experienced overwhelming guilt and feelings of regret. The program’s Fourth and Fifth Steps assisted me enormously in healing those troubling regrets. I learned that my self-centeredness and dishonesty stemmed largely from my drinking and that I drank because I was an alcoholic. Now I see how even my most distasteful past experiences can turn to gold because, as a sober alcoholic, I can share them to help my fellow alcoholics, particularly newcomers. Sober for several years in A.A., I no longer regret the past; I am simply grateful to be conscious of God’s love and of the help I can give to others in the Fellowship. 


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  1. Ive been sober for over four years now. And i totally know what you mean. I think God uses our testimonies of success as a beacon of light for others who are deep in the clutches of this horrible condition. Will totally pray for you and hope you can be an inspiration for many others!!

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