from "Daily Reflections" by A.A. Members for A.A. Members

Curbing Rashness

When we speak or act hastily or rashly, the ability to be fair-minded and tolerant evaporates on the spot. ~TWELVE STEPS AND TWELVE TRADITIONS, p. 91

Being fair-minded and tolerant is goal to which I must work daily. I ask God, as I understand Him, to help me to be loving and tolerant to my loved ones, and to those to whom I am in close contact. I ask for guidance to curb my speech when I am agitated, and I take a moment to reflect on the emotional upheaval my words my cause, not only to someone else, but to myself. Prayer, meditation and inventories are the key to sound thinking and positive action for me.  

Yesterday, I kept losing my temper with my husband. After some reflection, I realized that I was just making things worse. I need to learn to step back and check my anger before I rashly respond to things he says to me. These are things I never did in the past, and I want to learn to control my tongue, so that there is peace not only for me, but for him as well. 


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